Helpful Links

The following is a list of helpful links to various websites containing information about various aspects of the law:

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Community Law Aotearoa

  • Community Law Aotearoa – The website of Community Law Centres throughout Aotearoa. Search for useful resources, plain english publications, and other Community Law Centres. Also contains the online Community Law Manual with 31 chapters of New Zealand law.
  • Ministry of Justice – Legal aid application– Information regarding your entitlement to legal aid.
  • Otago Legal Aid Lawyers – A list of lawyers in Otago that offer legal aid services.
  • Justice of the Peace Service Desks – Information regarding where you can drop in to visit a local justice of the peace in Otago.
  • Employment New Zealand – Information regarding work rights and responsibilities, and any changes to employment laws.
  • Tenancy Services – Information about rights and responsibilities as a landlord or tenant, as well as bond lodgement and refund forms.
  • Family Issues – Ministry of Justice website containing information about family issues.